One night after dinner in the absolutely great restaurant “Kerouac’s” in little town Baker, Nevada, – still surprised to find such a restaurant in such a little town in the middle of nowhere – I started shooting pictures of lit up buildings in the dark. Here’s the collection:

“Kerouac’s”, Baker, NV

“Wait! Oh, yes, wait a minute, Mr. Postman”, Baker, NV

“Gazing at the stars”, Baker, NV

“Whispering Elms”, Baker, NV

“Yo!”, Moab, UT

“Love’s with Snow White and the Six Dwarfs”, Scott City, KS

“Halleluja!”, Scott City, KS

“RGB”, Scott City, KS

“Subway”, Scott City, KS

“Happy Hour”, Suffolk, VA

All photos © 2019, Björn Goerke

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