This page contains a few of the spontaneous or not so spontaneous thoughts that popped or creeped up in my brain – being notoriously undersupplied with oxygen – while riding along the roads. They are by no means complete, to do my IQ justice, nor are they representative, to do my character justice, and they may not be politically correct and fair (to do everybody involved justice). It’s just a few random thoughts that were sticking with me, so I could make a note in the evening. I think there must be a multitude of thoughts I had in addition, but they were gone as fast as they came up in the first place and didn’t make it into my notes. I think this has to do with the three capabilities that suffer with age: first is memory – and I must have forgotten the other two.

Apologies in advance.

Kansas is like Colorado. It’s only that they sold all their scenery to their western neighbor. [Day 3 in Kansas]

When God was done designing Colorado, she must have run out of creative ideas for Kansas. [Same day in Kansas]

Missouri is very much like Kansas. Unfortunately they forgot to sell their hills to Colorado. [A few days later in Missouri]

Actually, Kansas wasn’t _that_ bad after all. One can start to appreciate their minimalist approach to scenery. [Day 4 in Kentucky]

Somehow the second half of a day’s leg feels always so much shorter than the first half.  Maybe because I always get numb after a few hours riding. Both my butt as well as my brain.  [Somewhere in Utah]

Why did I bring all this unnecessary stuff with me that I now have to drag around? Next time I’ll do #bikepacking.  Perhaps I should do #lifepacking as a more general principle?  How few things does one really need in life? [Somewhere between Elizabethtown and Madisonville, KY]

I can’t believe it: I reached the half-way mark! Why wouldn’t I reach New York now? [During dinner in Carbondale, IL]

It’s another 31 days!? F*ck! [During that same dinner in Carbondale, IL]

Do they have laws here in the US prohibiting bicycle riding or why am I the only one out here? [Somewhere on the road in Missouri]

I for sure am the first human to cross this intersection by foot. As sure as Neil Armstrong was the first human setting foot on the moon. [Springfield, Kentucky]

I am sure this dog has been sitting here for the last two weeks waiting for me to ride by, jumping up within milliseconds and chasing me down the road as soon as I finally turned up! The universe is conspiring against me. [Kentucky, where else?]

The less there is to protect, the more fierce the guard dog seems to be. Is this a general principle in life?? [Kentucky again]

Another deadly shooting. Virginia Beach. And then this prayer shared in social media! It’s maddening me. Stop praying for the victims and their families. Instead do something finally and take action to prevent those things to happen in the first place! [Kentucky, but I’ll repeat that thought actively when I will enter Virginia]

“In God we trust”. Apparently. But that alone won’t help. [Kentucky]

Maybe I should start graffiti spraying: This roadside propaganda everywhere makes me sick! Welcome to the middle ages. [Beautiful Kentucky]

I’m so glad I did this trip. I still can’t grasp it. [Kentucky]

3 a**holes over a distance of 2000 miles showing me the middle finger out of their car’s back window are statistically not a representative crowd, or are they? I apologize for sharing this road. [Can’t remember where that genius rushed past in his V8 pickup; could have been in any state, actually]

Seems like they tell truck drivers that they drive deadly weapons around – those folks always care about me on a bike so far. Can someone start talking to RV drivers, please?

One moment you want to hug people here for how kind and friendly they can be, the next moment you want to scream out loud. Sorry. Somehow I am annoyed. [Kentucky] 

I need a shower. [Recurring thought every day]

I need something cold. [Recurring thought every day]

I need some food! [Permanent thought every day]

I need a bed. [Recurring thought every day]

Funny – is that smell me??? [Recurring thought, too]

The amount of garbage produced and energy wasted here is unbelievable. Hello? Anyone?? [Regular thought during breakfast in motels, in fast food chains and at supermarkets, and looking at passing V8 trucks]

Yay! McDonald’s!!!!! Get my milk shake ready!! And I’ll work on my bad conscience in the meantime. [Everywhere]

This whole trip was a stupid idea!!! [Crawling uphill somewhere in Missouri]

Yay!!! This whole trip was the most brilliant idea!!! [Flying downhill somewhere in Missouri]

Quick estimate: How probable is it that these two Doberman dogs just wanna play???? [Kentucky]

Minimum age to buy a gun: 18. Minimum age to buy a beer: 21. Brilliant. [Kentucky]

Kentucky is VERY thought provoking. [Kentucky]