June 26th, 2019 / (56km/35mi)

This is it.

San Francisco to New York City. Pacific to Atlantic. 6800 kilometers or 4300 miles. More than 40.000 meters of elevation gain. Done. 

If there is one insight to share – I spare you all the others – then it’s probably this one:

Never – never! – overestimate the challenge – the US, for example, isn’t that big actually. And never underestimate what your will and attitude can do to it.

Thank you, everybody, for being a part of the trip – even people I barely knew.  It was amazing to receive all the kind and encouraging messages thru Twitter or Instagram while being on the road. I hope I have been able to inspire one or the other of you to start biking or to even embark on a similar trip by yourself. Keep your head full of dreams!

Everything is possible if you never give up!

Take care.

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