June 25th, 2019 / (109km/68mi)

Last “normal” day today. Strange. Happy we’re getting to the finish line finally. It’s been a long trip since I started in San Francisco two months ago. But also weird, because somehow it has become so “normal” to be on the road with the bike every day and move from town to town. And now it’ll suddenly be over, even though I can’t argue that I didn’t see it coming.

I have no patience today to take pictures. The scenery is really nice and we ride thru cute neighborhoods where picturesque houses sit back in the woods on perfectly cut lawn. You can fell that money is at work here, keeping everything tidy and well cut. I guess there’s an army of gardeners kept busy to maintain those lawns.

We follow some backroads and hit some official bike trails. Here on the East coast they have more bike trails than what I’m used to from the West coast or the fly-over states. And we get stopped by more people over here inquiring about our setup with the bikes and the trailers and they usually tell a story of what they are planning to do on a bike or have done. So there’s also a growing community of bicyclists over here. Still small, but I can’t remember that anyone in Kansas actually cared about a biker. I guess I was rather considered an alien over there. And for sure a road hazard.

Today we get wet — it’s 94% humidity when we start at 8am and the clouds are hanging low. Seems it’s so humid that it has to start raining and so it does. We’re wet but luckily it’s warm and so the rain is refreshing at least. We hit some dirt roads later today and turn ourselves into a muddy mess. The bikes, the trailers, the bags, our clothes – all muddy, dirty, soaked. So we stop at a self service car wash, high-pressure clean everything (except us and our clothes) and wash the remaining things after checking in into our motel for today.

Tomorrow is the last day. Weird.

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