June 17th, 2019 / (105km/64mi)

We start shortly after 7am today, but the first stop is only half a mile away at a supermarket to restock for today. Our supplies have been emptied completely over the past days. We take advantage of a Starbucks within the Supermarket, so it’s almost 8am when we really get onto the road towards Tappahannock.

We’re pretty fast today and the route quickly leaves the heavy traffic roads of Williamsburg behind. The majority of today’s ride is along very empty back roads that get us thru fields and forests. Luckily, there’s a lot of shade today. By 10am it’s already pretty hot and by noon the temperature has climbed up to 34°C/93°F. The tarmac is glowing and even the wind is muggy and hot. Few reasons to make stops hence and we try to get to Tappahannock as quickly as possible – the outlook of a nice shower, an airconditioned room and something cool to drink keep us pedaling like Tour de France participants. At least in regards of determination.

Overall the route today is unspectacular. And while it should more or less flat, by the time we arrive it is still adding up to 612m/2000ft elevation gain. Not overly much, but still surprising.

The Holiday Inn Express is located in the typical business areas along a major inbound highway to Tappahannock. As always, it’s an ugly area. On the plus side though, there’s a Walgreens right across our motel. So today I can treat myself to a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

At 4pm is starts thundering outside. Massive clouds in the sky and shortly after it starts pouring down. I’m glad we made it prior to the thunderstorm to our place for this night.

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