June 13th, 2019 / (42km/21mi)

Getting up late today. So late that we don’t even make it to the – admittedly always sparse – breakfast at our motel. So we decide to walk to the nearby Ihop and get some sunny-side-ups with bacon and hashbrowns instead. The sky is grey today, but it’s still quite muggy again.

We then take the bikes and cycle to Yorktown. It feels to easy to ride along without dragging a heavy luggage trailer behind. Still, the Colonial Parkway we follow for 20km straight, has a terrible surface that’s all from smooth and not having our bike outfit today – in particular the bike pants with the cushioning – does no good.

We spend an hour or two in the American Revolution Museum of Yorktown which tries its best to recreate the spirit of the early days of the founding of the United States and the fierce battles fought with the British Empire to finally become independent. There’s also a nice and informative outside area to the museum showing a farmer’s life back in those times.

We walk thru the historic part of Yorktown with houses restored after the siege of Yorktown and follow the beachfront a bit where some people are enjoying the sun, which has finally made it thru the clouds, and kids are adventurous enough to bathe in the cold water.

All in all an easy day today with just some alibi biking. 42 kilometers or 26 miles. I should have run it.

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