June 10th, 2019 / (0km/0mi)

We wake up late – Tim is super tired from we don’t know what exactly, actually. Perhaps late jet lag kicking in. We have to return the pickup at the rental car spot by 11am. Weather is a mixed thing: overcast, light rain, nothing serious. But we’re so late by now that dropping the car and then leaving to ride to Richmond is too late already. And there’s no good spots in between here and there to stop as an alternative.

So we’re staying one more day here in Charlottesville. There are worse places to stay for a day. There’s some sightseeing to be done – there’s a university in town – and hence lot’s of cafes, restaurants and places to hang out. We’ll get ourselves busy for the day.

After returning the pickup truck to the rental car spot at the airport and heading back to our hotel, we walk thru downtown area and the university campus. It’s not that big so that after a while we return to the hotel and start updating travel logs, uploading photos, planning the next days and where we will go what day. The original plan needs significant rework after the “jump” of the last days.

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