May 31st, 2019 / (120km/75mi, 930hm)

While the forecast was fine and things looked good when I woke up, as I leave Madisonville dark rain clouds hang all over the sky in my back and follow me diligently for almost the entire ride. I seem to always be at the binge of where it rains, but other except for a few rain drops I stay completely dry again.

The scenery is – unpretentious. The cloudy sky and dim light adds to the fact that the scenery is somewhat not catching my attention. It’s fields. It’s forests. A few hills. A few farms. I feel like on a backroad in Germany. And I don’t see many things worth capturing on a photo. But perhaps it’s also just my mood today.

The ride’s easy today and the 120km are quickly done. 20km after Madisonville I hit the official bike trail again and follow it until I reach the Rough River Dam State Resort Park where I have booked my room for tonight.

All in all, a very unspectacular day. I fear a bit that the next ones will not be very different. But that was to be expected: Not every day will throw you from one jaw-dropping view into the next.

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