May 26th. 2019 / (98km/61mi, 940hm)

Trying to escape the heat of the day that hit me yesterday and trying to outrun some thunderstorm that is forecasted to kick in here in the Ellington area around 11am, I get up early and leave Ellington towards the East at shortly past 6am. It’s very quiet outside – not only is it early, but it’s also Sunday which probably adds to the absence of cars on the highway. All you can hear are the birds, frogs and crickets. Temperature is still fine, around 20°C/68°F, but it’s very humid already and the morning fog is floating thru the open fields and forests. With the dense forest everywhere, the whole atmosphere makes me somehow think of Alamaba further south. Don’t ask me why, as I’ve never been there in my life, but it feels very southern states like being on the road here.

The trail today is very unspectacular: the road goes up and down the rollercoaster hills, most of the time thru dense forests. Few open fields show up during the roughly 90kms.

The sky is overcast and there’s dark clouds following me. So I try to be fast today and not get wet. Which is a constant reminding of myself to keep pushing as in front of me the sun is shining and things look fine.

Having started early and not taken any major break, I arrive in Farmington already at 11am. I didn’t have any breakfast this morning, so passing a diner place on my way to my motel, I decide to stop and go for a late, but decent breakfast: 3 eggs (sunny side up), hashbrowns, toast, French Toast, some fresh fruit, orange juice, coffee. That’s enough for the next few hours. I’m always hungry these days. Funny 😉

During today’s ride I made my first experience of what I was told would now become more common as I get into Kentucky and Virginia. Guard dogs sitting outside their owners house along the street and waiting for bicyclists to drive by. “Springtime is here! Hunting season is opened!”. At least 5 dogs start chasing me today once they’ve seen or heard me passing. And I’m not talking about the kind of tiny cute Chihuahua dog. That’s something I seriously don’t need. So, dear American citizens: I somehow get my mind to acknowledge your need to protect your freedom and property. But I am not trespassing. I am not here to do any harm. I just want to have the freedom to cycle on this road. So I am not offending anybody. Could you in turn please put your dog on a leash or keep it behind a fence or at least watch after it? Thank you! Much appreciated. I’ll get myself some pepper spray now.

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