May 20th, 2019 / (0km/0mi)

A bad storm front is hitting the Great Plains and Kansas is impacted as well. Today it’s raining since the morning hours and wind is very strong outside. There’s more bad weather forecasted, with storms, floods and tornadoes all possible. Let’s see how far up north the problems will move from the southern states.

On the map above: I am right underneath the red and yellow bubble in thge middle.

I’m pretty much stuck here in Scott City now. It doesn’t make any sense to continue on the road and move anywhere else. Here in Scott City I at least have a motel, a supermarket not too far away. And I am considering to try to get to Garden City – 54km south from here – where the next rental car station is located and rent a car to get me and my bike out of this area should the weather not clear up in the coming few days. No need to be stuck here for days. And no need to risk being blown away, get totally soaked or even hit by hail somewhere in the open.

So I spend the day catching up on email, updating GPS map data for this trip, editing this web site, working on my photographs and killing time with everything that comes to mind when being stuck inside. I’ve even cleaned and maintained my bike already. Good boy.

Tomorrow morning, I need to decide how to proceed.

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