May 19th, 2019 / (168km/104mi)

Today was an eventless day along CO-96, later KS-96. Weather was just fine, wind was low even though the forecast had predicted heavy winds in the afternoon. But it was calm, at least where I was. Perhaps I escaped the windy areas.

When God was done designing Colorado, she must have run out of creative ideas for Kansas.

I met three bicyclists coming my way on their way to the West. Chatted with two of them and we exchanged some infos about the route behind each of us. While the guy from UK yesterday was talking a lot about bad weather, the biker from Virginia today was more positive: thunderstorms and rain mainly kicked in in the afternoon or during night. If that’s the case also in the coming weeks, I am fine, too. Tomorrow though is supposed to be really bad weather. I need to check and see whether I stay in my motel here in Scott City for a day. I’m ahead of my plan, so there’s no need to rush into stormy weather and get soaked.

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