May 3rd, 2019 / (100km/62miles)

Most notably, there was US-50.

Seriously, I leave Fallon early again and happen to ride through the downtown area that I had missed yesterday. Actually, I think I haven’t missed anything. After a few kilometers thru Fallon and past the adjacent military airbase, I hit US-50 again which leads East.

While the scenery is not much more diverse and exciting than yesterday’s, I like the road much more today. It’s long straight stretches, a few light bends, a little bit of up and down, but mainly flat. Not a big deal. But while yesterday was lots of traffic, today is very calm. There’s an occasional pickup, SUV or sedan passing. Very few trucks pass me and almost all of them take a wide distance between us, so that their drag doesn’t send me off the shoulder into the sand.

While yesterday’s sidelines of the road were still showing houses or farms or other human constructions in the distance, today is much more remote. There must be a reason why US-50 is called “the loneliest road of America”. I start getting into it.

Between Fallon and Cold Springs Station, a restaurant/motel/RV parks, approximately 100km/62miles past Fallon, there’s no service station or anything else. So I have to bring my stuff, in particular water. There’s only Middlegate Station approximately 20km/13miles prior to Cold Springs Station where one can get food. I meet an older couple from the UK at a stop, who are on their 50 years’ wedding celebration tour in a van, and they tell me that I have to try the Burgers at Middlegate Station. Unfortunately, that would have meant turning around and going back a few miles, so I decide to give the Burgers of Cold Springs Station a chance — and they don’t disappoint.

Since there’s no rooms available any more at Cold Springs Station, I stay in a cabin on their RV park. Nice little room. Showers of the RV park could have been a bit cleaner, but for one night I’ll take it.

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