May 1st, 2019 / (88km/55 miles)

The day started all sunny which was a welcome change over yesterday’s fog and clouds. Still, it was only 2°C outside, so the rides downhill made it quite chilly with the cold air blowing past.

After the remaining climb over Carson Pass (8500 feet), the route gave back all the hard earned feet from yesterday and I slowly got from being high in the mountains surrounded by snow down to tree covered areas and finally “to the bottom” into the Nevada area north of Carson City. Traffic was light today and I took the old Foothill Road west of CA-88 to avoid the heavy traffic and be on a nice side road. That road passed thru the nice little village of Genoa, the oldest settlement of Nevada, dating back to 1851. Made a perfect spot for a short lunch break.

I arrived early in Carson City today and when walking around the little downtown center, I walked past a barber shop. Being in bad need for a haircut, I spontaneously changed direction and walked into the shop and since no one else was there, immediately found myself on a chair with barber John cutting my hair. As I was obviously not from here, he asked where I’m from and what I’m up to and so he got the dog and pony story. I started asking him about his job and whether this was his barber shop — no, he’s only working here — and where he’s from (Sacramento) and what brought him here (parents live here) and after a few detours about life, weather and the universe, I asked him what his dream in life was? He was quiet for a moment, then laughed, and said that he’d probably wants to be a barber until he dies. “That’s what barbers do, you know?”. I guess it’s easier to ask women about their dream in life. Perhaps I should have insisted to get more of an answer, but then, you know, if you’re stuck on a chair and the guy has a scissor, you’re careful about what you do.

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